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What People Are Saying About Voss Organizing


“Kathy Voss is a terrific organizer. I am very happy to have a workable, spacious system in my home office where I can find what I need easily. Kathy’s work has increased my peace of mind, and I highly recommend her for your organizing needs.”
-- DC, Millbrae, CA

"Kathy's organization talents have saved me time and frustration both at work and at home. She organized my papers and files, and rearranged my space, so that I can find what I need without wasting time searching. Kathy has a real gift in this area. In addition to her organizing skills, Kathy offers skilled emotional support for dealing with the sometimes overwhelming venture of moving from chaos to clarity.”
-- JH, Redwood City, CA

“We are very pleased with the way Kathy organized our kitchen and pantry. The new organization is logical and easy to maintain.”
-- EG, Albuquerque, NM

“Kathy always had a positive, energetic manner. She had great suggestions and got us ‘jump-started’ for managing the huge amount of paperwork that comes in daily.”
-- DJ, Menlo Park, CA

“Kathy is professional, patient, and non-judgmental. After she helped me to organize our kids’ room, hassles with my 2 children over cleaning their room have gone way down. Now, with everything stored in a logical place, and much of it in labeled baskets, the room almost seems to clean itself – no kidding!”
-- ES, Menlo Park, CA

"The amazing thing about Kathy is her quick and directed way of turning messy, inefficient spaces into usable organized places. Thanks to Kathy, my husband and I now have systems set up that both of us can use AND keep up! I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of organizing help."
--SB, Los Gatos, CA

We recently moved into a new home and Kathy provided excellent help in accommodating the many boxes of "stuff" from our old home in the Bay Area to the much smaller confines of our new home. She was particularly helpful in organizing the contents of seven large boxes of home office equipment, supplies and records into a home office space much smaller than in our previous home. She sorted, organized, and arranged things so that our home office is neat, orderly, and easy to use.
-- LMV, Loomis, CA

"Kathy is professional, punctual, humorous and fun in her organizing support. With her help, I finally have a revamped filing system that really works for me. When stumped, she not only provides one idea but many ideas so you can find the right one to perfectly fit the need. And, Kathy is flexible and creative in modifying her approach, so we were able to complete the organizing effort in good time, even though we had a lively and energetic infant "helping" our organizing efforts along the way!"
-- JJ, San Jose, CA

“Kathy assisted me in sorting through and organizing legal, financial, and household papers into a personalized filing system that works well for me. She also helped me sort through many years’ of family photographs and create several albums for my family to enjoy. Kathy is reliable, knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and completely trustworthy with confidential information. I recommend her highly.”
-- JC, Mtn. View, CA